Creative Services

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just don’t feel that anyone is really paying attention…

Kisin Studios is a boutique creative communications service that responds with solutions tailored to your needs. In business since 1975, we have been offering our clients a wide range of creative expertise in commercial photography, graphic design and print, education design and speaker support services.

When your strategy and targets are already determined, or even if they're not, a boutique creative shop like ours can design and produce your sales presentations, display ads, direct mail, catalogues, video and trade show materials more economically.

Creative Services

Presentation & Education Design


Communications Design

Graphic design and communication design are overlapping disciplines, where the objective is to use print graphics or any other means to communicate ideas. Communication design encompasses a variety of skills such as editing, typography, illustration, web design, animation, advertising, ambient media, visual identity design, video production, copy writing and professional writing skills.

These skills may be applied to a wide range of services, including — but not limited to — the design of print material, packaging, business presentations, videos, education and e-learning design.

We offer many of these services "in-house", and also work with experts in a variety of disciplines to help us get your message across as effectively as possible.

Presentology — for Presentations & Education

The challenges faced by instructors, trainers and business presenters include everything from how to organize their material to choosing the methods, means and techniques that will most effectively communicate their ideas. Then they have to stand in front of an audience and present!

Kisin Studios has a long history in the field of designing educational materials, especially for the medical world, with projects completed for pharmaceutical companies, professional organizations, hospitals and a variety of corporations. Our services include the design of speaker manuals, participant guides, visual aids (everything from flip charts to Powerpoint, Keynote and Prezi screen presentations). We have also created e-learning courses for use with on-line and intra-net Learning Management Systems.

We can help you move your presentations from blah to "Aha!"


Kisin Studios began operations in 1975 as a commercial photography studio. We have been producing catalogues, documenting special events, creating executive portraits, illustrating travel destinations, photographing the works of architects and interior designers... the list goes on… ever since.

The transition from silver halide to pixels hasn't changed the importance of understanding the magic of light and shadow. Nor has it changed the importance of the technical and artistic skills required to create effective photographic illustrations that communicate the nuances of a product, the passion of a musician, the mood of an actor, or the quiet strength of an executive.